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Topic: 96kHz 24 Bit Wave File Import, Trouble importing 24 Bit 96kHz files
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Posted On: May 15 2019, 8:25 PM

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I am having an issue importing files to a new song.  If I use Sound Forge (MAC OS V2.5) and do a slight edit to the file (fade out for 1 second at end of file) and then save the file without any format changes the file will import into N-Track without any issues.

My question is there a specific type of wave file that N-track can not handle?  I don't believe the files are broadcast wave files since I have seen those be imported with an issue with the prompting for the offset.

Here is my setup:
Grace Designs M108 pre-amp/USB interface
Waves Tracks Live V1.3 to record the wave files.
iMac N-Track V9.02 64 bit
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