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Topic: I'm updating n-Track, Do I need need the TOP Version?
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Posted On: May 04 2019, 8:12 PM


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Hi n-track Forum..  
  Old Forum Member checking in..
  I was here when n-Track was in BETA..  I presently use V 6.0.1 latest build and V 7.0  latest build..  
  I would like to update my n-Track Version-and-Use to the latest Version ..  I'm not quite sure of where to navigate to or what it will cost me in CAD to keep the same MODEL/VERSION..  I mainly use n-Track for editing-and-mastering old Tracks-and-ALL..  I use VISTA and Windows 7 as Operating Systems..  I do have a Laptop that has Windows 10 PRO installed on it..

  What Model/Version n-Track do I need to update to//  AND..   Am I able to continue using n-Track V 6.0.1 and V 7.0 ?    Even though they are not supported anymore??   I am unable to Operate-and-Use them on my OLD Windows Machines, for some unknown reason.. However, I'd like to re-install them on my Vista and Win 7 machines..  

  Looking for some Advise and Help..  Thank you in advance for needed Help..

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