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Topic: Feature Request, For n-Track v6.1.2
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Posted On: Jul. 11 2011, 4:48 PM


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Hi Today Gents:
  I'm out here in the Studio today and playing with the latest version and build of n-Track along with the latest tracks i have created here and I see the need of using the keyboard to "SCRUB" the timeline of tracks I'm playing with..  

  The Feature Request I'd like to have at my disposal would appear like this while "Scrubbing" the Timeline..  

  I'd like to be able to press the "Shift" key and the Left-or-Right Direction Key to "Scrub" the Timeline either left-or-right..  I know you can use the mouse to command a Left-or-Right "Scrub" movement now..  BUT  a Keyboard command using the keyboard might make a more pleasant way of "Scrubbing" the n-Track Timeline..

  Maybe, there is already a Keyboard command for Scrubbing..   ???? that I don't know of..

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