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Topic: External Mic for Samsung tablet?
started by: CoyoteUglies

Posted by CoyoteUglies on Mar. 30 2014, 9:26 PM
I just purchased the n-track Pro version yesterday, and I was wondering if anyone out there is using an external microphone with their tablet- specifically a Samsung Galaxy tab 2.  I've seen videos and forum posts elsewhere that explain that it is possible to use an external mic with the Galaxy tab 2, but you need a 4 conductor plug, a gender converter, inline connector, and and a decent little mic.  

Is it even worth it?  Or, is the on-board mic good enough for recording demo material, specifically- guitars?  I don't see the point in buying a lot of extra components if it won't sound any better, although it would be nice to have the mic a few feet away on a cable.

Thank you for any input, I really appreciate it!
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