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Topic: crackling with compression
started by: Jamiesjammin

Posted by Jamiesjammin on Jul. 07 2011, 8:49 PM
i am having a problem with a background crackling noise when i use the maximize function on the multiband compressor. has anyone else experienced this and do you have a resolution?
Posted by spreadercraig on Jul. 08 2011, 12:38 AM
Never had this. Sure it isn't just high cpu usage?
Posted by TonyR on Jul. 08 2011, 12:51 AM
Yup. Try cutting the frequencies you don't want rather than boosting the ones that you do.
Posted by Mark A on Jul. 08 2011, 5:55 AM
Or maybe just good old fashioned clipping?
Posted by woxnerw on Jul. 11 2011, 2:18 PM
Hi Jamiesjammin:
 I have recently used the n-Track Multi-band Compressor on some tracking I have done in the studio..  I don't think I have heard anything that you refer to, in my use of that plug-in..  

 Is there anyway you can post a link to the file so we can hear the issue you describe..  ????

 The last session(s) I did are posted over on the n-Track Song area of the Board..  A-11 is the file I've posted a link to..  I used the plug-in on the Master Strip, for the final mix-down of the song..   I don't think there's anything that you are referring to on that file..  

Posted by woxnerw on Jul. 11 2011, 4:11 PM
Hi Again Jamiesjammin:
  After you have rendered a mix-down of the timeline that you have used the plug-in on, you should be able to re-import the rendered file onto a new timeline..  Can you do a "Print screen" of the song on the timeline and post the "Print Screen" of the file on n-Track's Timeline ????

  It might be interesting to see that file as it appears on n-Track's timeline..  

Posted by TomS on Jul. 11 2011, 7:11 PM
Jamie must have figured it out?
Posted by TonyR on Jul. 11 2011, 8:17 PM
actually, n-T MBC did crackle, a year or so back. got fixed.
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